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One of the names of the Creator as teachment of the Holy Spirit

There is one major power, trancending all others. A power being without form, without a certain appearance. That's because our eyes can not reach the highest. The eyes can not see what is not recognizable.

the power, by the name of All Creator did Create our universe. He did create teh heavens, planets and hellspheres.

The Allcreator has not only created it like a pot by an artist, He did create it with scientific means. A planet is a ball, created as a little seed being put into a sphere of food making it able to grow and prosper.

The Allcreator, is a creature, big enough to create worlds, create universes as well as maintain them.

Its power is based on the real world rules like gravity, like transgression.

The Allcreator, if you call unto him, if you pray to him is a mighty power and will not do as you desire, but will translate your desires to a way in which wisdom is giving the good variant of what your prayers were.

The path of prayer begins with the first prayer. A question to proof that such a power can really make a life better and more shiney.

Give the path of prayer your intention for a better life, for a world with wealth.

Each religio n promises to its believers safety or a good life. Christians get a life free of sin, and with a purpose which is above the normal intentions.

The people following the allcreator, have a life not yet described in other religions. But to be sure. Because the allcreator is not only the ruler of this world but all the worlds beyond it your life is in line with the universe.

When you have done wrong in the past, did do bad things, you might ask if you are worthy to pray to the allcreator

Don't feel afraid. It is better to pray and ask the allcreator to look at your life and sins than to live on without help or sustenance.

In christianity, christ promises to forgive your sins.
The Allcreator doesn't forgive but uses it to help the world you live in.
Your experience can lead to benefit of the whole world, including your past bad deeds
But do not think that by continuing your bad deeds, even more benefit is done, it only works with people desiring a good life and real chage of heart

If you don't believe in such powers, than just ask them to proove to you that they exist, and what they might do for you.
Paragraph 2

The All-Creator the principle creating
all beings in the moment of time,
as the creatures with intelligence
and all with their life-feeling and

The All-Creator, the birth of the moment
of all times and all life.

The All-Creator, and its giving
of life to all moments.

The All-Creator above Brahma
and above the act of pure consciousness
as thinking not violating the All-Creator.

As Brahma created at the beginning of time
the whole universe.

And Brahman as pure awareness
the top of reality.

All Creatures created
with their birth name,
and their birth character.

As The All-Creator in hinduism is
not really Brahma.

For the hindu Brahma is the Creator,
and brought the world and the universe
at the beginning of Time.

Thereby the All-Creator can be a
new image of the gods, the supreme
source of reality.

As the All-Creator can even exist,
without people believing Him or Her.

As the All-Creator creates for
all living beings every moment
their existence with their view.
It is not just a Creator.

As it is bringing Creation
every moment in existence.

As The All-Creator would even
give all beings, able to think
their awareness and their thoughts
into existence.