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The virtues of our human mankind are for individuals and as groups towards fellowgroups of culture and tradition

The first virtue is to accept citizenship of the country you inhabit.
But only when the rules are set by the voice concerning all citizens.
If the country is represented by a small group, its only legitimate when the population feel their opinios is taken serious.
The first virtue in a country with rightious laws (by the people or their representation)
is to be a citizen with the laws and rights it requires.
The second virtue is to have compassion for individuals or groups of men who are in any way deficit,
like weakminden, heavily injured or being limited in any severe way.
By compassion they might have a ability to live, with the chance to be happy also.

The third virtue for a human person is to respect the rights and plight of other people. Not hurting them, not violating any rights

The fourth virtue is to search for a way of life being usefull for the society.

The fifth virtue is do whats in your power to lead a good life.
this is my own opinion and not a truth to be forced upon.

There are ethical values in life as human beings.
when you can prevent someone from being killed. its a good deed.
If you can prevent someone to suffer in the future its a good deed.
If you raise your children to be good persons, being good for society its a good deed.
Ethical is when emotions overrule logics and cross a border made by the collective mind to help or save people.

A moral value is to be obedient to laws in a country.
If its forbidden to steal. its good to obey and never steal.
If its forbidden to act violent, then its a good deed to follow that rule.

Virtues as being prooven by the laws of a country are good when it does not hurt anyone or,
ruin anyone.

Virtues of religions are applicable to the souls or spirits of beings.
As a spirit its better not to be offensive to religious powers.
As a spirit its better not to lie, because it creates stress of pretending things.

Virtues of religion are to follow that god or power.

Virtues of the highest religion. Should be for every creature things they can understand.
Why rules when no one understands why they exist.

Virtues of life are applicable to all living beings.
But predators can not live like herbivors. So rules for a predator are different then for peacefull vegatives eaters.